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Cooking Tips

10 Jan

To keep meringue from weeping–let egg whites come to room temperature; then out egg whites and sugar in a metal bowl over warm water; whisking often until egg whites are warm and sugar is melted; Remove from heat and beat until stiff peaks form.


To cook fish fillets evenly–fold the thin tail-piece over itself and secure with toothpicks.


For chewy cookies–a 2 TBSP more butter than the recipe calls for. The extra water in the butter prevents cookies from drying out while baking.


Peel ginger with the tip of a spoon. This prevents peeling away too much flesh.


To de-fat soups or stew–Place a few ice cubes in a large slotted spoon. Drag across liquid to pick up fat. Discard ice cubes.


Canned frosting tends to be too sweet–Put 3 ounces softened cream cheese in a bowl. Beat until creamy, then add one can of frosting and beat until blended.





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