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Four Cheese Pate

31 Dec

3–8 oz packages cream cheese–room temperature

2 TBSP milk

1 cup toasted chopped pecan pieces

1–4 1/2 oz package camembert cheese–room temperature

1–4 oz package blue cheese–room temperature

1 cup shredded swiss cheese–room temperature

Line a 8 inch round cake pan with plastic wrap and set aside.  Combine 1 package of cream cheese and milk in a mixing bowl and beat at medium speed until smooth. Spread into prepared pan. Sprinkle evenly with pecans. Cover and chill 20 minutes. Combine 2 remaining packages of cream cheese, camembert cheese, blue cheese and swiss cheese. Beat until smooth and well combined. Spoon onto chilled layer. Cover with plastic wrap and press pate down. Cover and chill overnight. Allow to come to room temperature before serving. Can be topped with pineapple, or strawberry preserves.

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