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The Wine List

15 Jan

Light Bodied Crisp Wines–chardonnay, chenin blanc, muscadet, pinot blanc, pinot grigio, white rioja, sauvignon blanc

Medium-bodied, soft whites–white bordeaux, pinot gris, rieslings, sauvignon blanc

Full-bodied, rich wines–white burgandy, chardonnay, muscat, semillion

Light-bodied, fruity reds– red burgandy, gamay, pinot noir, rose, rioja crianza

Medium bodied, silky reds–barbera, cabernet franc, chianti, cotes de rhone, merlot, rioja reserva

Full-bodied, tannic reds–red bordeaux, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, zinfandel

Sparkling wines–cava, champagne, prosecco

Dessert wines–Reds: port, sherry–Whites: ice wine, muscat, sauterne




Wine Pairings

15 Jan

Sweet White Wines–Serve with dessert, mousse, creams, puddings, sweet souffles and cakes. Sauternes are delicious with appetizers. Serve chilled.


Light, Dry, White Wines–Serve with oysters, cold shellfish, broiled fish, cold meals, and entrees. Serve chilled.


Blush Wines–Cold dishes, pates, eggs, and pork. Serve chilled


Light-Bodied, Red Wines–Serve with roast chicken, turkey, veal, lamb, beef, soft fermented cheese, and hamburgers. Serve at room temperature.


Full-Bodied, Red Wine–Serve with duck, game, and strong flavored cheese. Serve at room temperature.

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