Meats, the Menu Focus

1 Jan

Southern men believe that some of the world’s best eating comes with this trio–meat, potatoes and gravy; so meats take the spotlight in country kitchens. When a woman plans a meal, she thinks first about the meat. Then she builds the rest of the meal with foods that compliment her selection. Many women, considering their husbands’ likes think about the vegetable dish to accompany the meat.

One secret to the marvelous meat dishes served in southern homes, is the wise choice of cooking temperatures. We know that meat is more tender, juicy and tasty if the temperature is not too high. Rich, brown gravy has something to do with the reputation southern meats enjoy for their fine flavors. It does not accompany all meat dishes, but enough of them to earn fame.

Among the all-time southern beef favorites are pot roast, Swiss steaks, short ribs, stews, corned beef and other cuts that cook slowly in liquid. Southern cooks have a few pet rules for cooking beef in moist heat, one is to brown the meat on all sides before adding liquid. This gives the dish its’ rich flavor.



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